Scenework Saturday with Justin and Kelly
Saturday, January 20, 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Countdown Theater, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Every improv scene takes place in a specific location, yet sometimes we can get so focused on the whos and whats of our scenes that we find ourselves doing scene after scene in blank space. For this month’s Scenework Saturday workshop, the nationally acclaimed improv duo From Justin to Kelly (Justin Peters and Kelly Buttermore) will focus on exercises that emphasize using your environment and location to inform and enhance your scenework. They’ll present surefire strategies for incorporating object work into your scenes with confidence and ease, and introduce innovative (and fun) ways to use a location to quickly establish stakes, and to activate, heighten, and sustain your emotional connection to your scene partner.

Whether you’ve been doing improv consistently for years, or you’re looking to get back into it for a fun, no-pressure afternoon, this workshop has something for you. Reserve your spot today!