Do you want to do a show at Countdown Theater? We’d love to have you. We do shows here most nights of the week. We’re improv focused, but we welcome all sorts of show pitches: music, written work, storytelling, lectures, whatever. We’re welcoming pitches for one-off shows and/or extended runs. If you have an idea, send it our way countdowntheater at gmail dot com, but before you do, read the following guidelines.

Group Size
Please be sure your submission contains four players or fewer. Our space is very small, and as such, can’t accommodate large groups in a way that would allow them to be at their best.

Best Practices

In your pitch, tell us a) what your show is, b) why it’s a good fit for a small pop-up theater in a basement, and c) when you’re available. That’s really all we need to know. We welcome all perspectives.