The February 2018 version of Countdown Theater will run from Thursday, February 15 through Sunday, February 25. The theme is 1984 — the year or the dystopian novel, your choice. We will be accepting show pitches inspired by that theme through Friday, February 2.

There is a lot that can be done with this theme! Maybe your show will be influenced by Ghostbusters, Sixteen Candles, A Nightmare on Elm Street, This Is Spinal Tap, or one of the many other iconic films released that year. Maybe you’ve got a great Ronald Reagan impression that you’ve been wanting to deploy, or a show about Katy Perry or LeBron James (both born in 1984), or something involving big hair and muscle shirts. Perhaps your show will take place in a totalitarian surveillance state, or be about LeBron James and Katy Perry working together to topple a totalitarian surveillance state. Really, it’s up to you. Please feel free to interpret this theme as broadly or specifically as you’d like; the most important thing is that you get creative and have fun with it.

Please click here to submit. We’ll be taking pitches through Friday, February 2. Feel free to contact us (countdowntheater at gmail) with any questions.

January 16, 2018